Let ‘s not forget what we fight for 

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November 24, 2016 by ak4liberty

US president John F. Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.” 
Kabyle people are ready to take their destiny in their own hands to restore their lost freedom, justice and prosperity. The fight is big and the cause is larger then any man. The cost of freedom is always high and the chosen path of Kabyle people is never ever submission.

Currently, we are witnessing some militants are interested more in certain key men than the Kabyle cause itself. Many are coming out of the closets to denounce leaders of Kabylia with the pretext to establish their version of the truth after the fact. Some interventions from some former MAK and ANAVAD leaders stated the problem as a difference between the two presidents. They seem to have forgotten what they were fighting for. Their strategy was to shift the focus from the true goal of independence, aiming it towards the two men and keeping the discussion about the past instead of looking forward. The Former MAK leaders need to be careful as they may miss the future.

To that end, our goal remains the independence of Kabylia and everything else is a distraction that will slow down our march toward our freedom.

The leaders in free society are elected or named by the appropriate authority and selected based on their qualities and expertise. Their performance is judged by the result of their work.

Kabylia has fought for its rights since it lost its independence in 1857. Since 1962, Kabylia has been fighting for its existence against the tyranny, exploitation and oppression by the Algerian regime. Despite unprecedented economic, cultural, linguistic and political injustices suffered by Kabyle people, many past Kabyle leaders gave up and joined the Algerian corruption machine. The only man that still stands for his principals is Ferhat Mehenni who has been jailed 12 times. He sacrificed his freedom so that Kabyle people can be one day free. His fight for universal rights of freedom and self-determination are the fight of all Kabyle people. 

Leadership is the art of serving others, bringing positive influence and Ferhat has been fighting with peaceful means for the freedom of his fellows Kabyles wanting nothing less than the well-being of his Kabyle compatriots. Ferhat represents the natural leader for Kabylia as was Nelson Mandela for South African.

I followed many leaders for decades, and Ferhat is a leader who possesses the ability to respond to unexpected crises. He is genuinely courageous, accepts criticism and knows how to respond to attacks. His fight is not about enriching his surroundings but the principals and values of liberty and justice for all Kabyles. He carries Kabylia in his heart and has never given up an inch for the right of his country.

As the president John F. Kennedy stated, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”. Ferhat is doing a lot for his country and I call for all people who love freedom to join him in his fight for the independence of Kabylia.  

Sandrick Robin

Americans and Kabyles for Liberty.

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