Genocide in Kabylie with Kabyle Accomplices

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August 15, 2021 by ak4liberty

In the week starting August 8th of 2021, the Algerian government deployed thugs released from the prisons of the regions of Blida and Algiers with a mission to support the deployment of fires to pursue the Algerian agenda of “zero Kabyle”. In the prior week, the residents of Kabylie witnessed helicopters dropping phosphorus around their villages.

According to our sources, the Algerian military issued an order after consultation with the president Teboune to plan a synchronized start of fires by Monday August 9th around 15:00 GMT at the hight of summer heat.

Kabylie has been hit very hard with COVID-19 and has not received any help from the Algerian authorities. Instead, Algeria chose to impede, sabotage and block the help poring from Kabyle diaspora. The Algerian diplomatic representation in France issued a press release to misappropriate and cease private Kabyle citizen donations.

Three of our sources confirmed that the Algerian policies to eradicate Kabyle people would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the support of Kabyles – “Kabyles de service”- to harm their own people. Our sources explained that Algerian secret service developed many strategies to divide the unity of the Kabyle people. As part of their strategy, they developed slogans and have relayed them through social media and their very active supporters. These slogans dominate arguments within communities and are very effective to numb the progress for the Kabyle right of self-determination and independence, and sterilize discussions of Kabyle values, language, culture, and identity. The Algerian regime has gone so far as providing the rhetoric to everyday Kabyles that promote the demotion of Kabyle from independence to a part of arabo-islamic culture that will see them annihilated. Among the slogans, we could hear:

  • Our ancestors fought the French for all Algeria not only Kabylie
  • Other regions of Algeria are suffering too
  • Kabyles are Algerian too, their private donations must benefit all Algeria

However, there is one statement that disappeared that was used in the past, “Kabyle cannot handle a crisis by themselves”.

Our source stated that the international community forced the hand of Algerian authorities to intervene in Kabylie. According to the same source, Algeria refused any help from Europe and neighboring countries and wanted to amplify the fires to cook the Kabyles in their homes. Even France, who protects the Algerian regime, has admitted that Algeria went too far with implementing their policies of “zero Kabyle”.

These illegal acts show the barbaric nature of Algeria to deny the Kabyle people their basic right to stay alive.

Are these criminal and barbaric acts perpetuated by Algeria before our eyes sufficient for some Kabyles to change their minds and join the independence movement?

According to psychology theories, the answer is No. The support by these Kabyles for Algeria is not based on facts, reality, self interest, well being or rationality. Rather, it is psychological. These people have Stockholm syndrome and have developed bonds with their oppressor. These Kabyles, who’s loyalties are misalligned, are considered irrational in light of danger and risk that they endure.

One of the key components that develops with Stockholm syndrome despite all the oppression, captivity, and violence towards the victim is that the sufferer develops a positive feeling toward the oppressor. We are witnessing this phenomena with some Kabyle people and unfortunately they are making their own life hell and taking down their own communities.

Washington DC

Robin Well

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