Welcome to America Kabylia for Liberty


May 20, 2016 by ak4liberty

We are pleased to announce that Americans and Kabyles  for Liberty (AKAL)  is born. AKAL will work to strengthen the common values of Liberty, Justice, Solidarity and independence between American and Kabyle people. AKAL purpose is to  help discover Kabyle people, Kabyle culture and Kabyle values to the American people as well as enrich the Kabyle knowledge about America and its common values that the Kabyles share with the land of the free.

Kabyle people breath freedom just as do the American people. Both people love independence and justice. One of the common traits is both people encourage their young children to be independent and not depend on others.

The Kabyles feel very close to Patrick Henry who said “Give me death or give me liberty”, when the Kabyles say “Anaraz wala naknu”.

The Kabyles feel at home in America. We hope that the freedom fighters of Kabylia will soon feel home in their occupied country.

AKAL also expand its mission to develop ties with all who love freedom to recover the Independence of Kabylia.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to America Kabylia for Liberty

  1. Hamid says:

    Azul !
    First of all, congratulations for this great initiative. I’ve just read an article in the provisional kabylian government (GPK) website about this initiative and i’m really happy to hear a such new that may reinforce the kabylian brotherhood.
    By the way, Lincoln said: ‘Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves’ that’s why we’re expecting a lot from you and from the US nation.
    Thank you again!


  2. ania says:

    Thank you,,,,, love liberty,Kabylia and America,


  3. oulhadj says:

    Thank you and thank you,,,,,,,,,, love kabylia and America


  4. MAKabyle says:

    first of all, congratulation!!
    what’s now the name oh this approved organization?
    – AKFL America Kabylia Friendship for Liberty
    – AKFU America Kabylia Friendship & Union



  5. Muhend u Rezqi says:

    Very good job guys; managing a relationship with the world’s greatest power is going to be
    enormously important because, as the proverb says, Woman’s will is God’s will.


  6. hougabouga says:

    Congratulations and good luck. The legitimacy and faith in our cause will guide us towards the way of our freedom and sovereignty as expected !!!


  7. elie says:

    thanks all what you do and you will do for the kabylian country; i hope this AKFL organizasion will open more doors for the liberty and dimocracy and more peace betwen peoples; and protect our peoples around the world


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