French Dangerous Liaisons


May 20, 2016 by ak4liberty

We live in an unbalanced world between north and south, rich and poor, democratic and authoritarian regimes, and peace and terrorism. Through history and human evolution, civilized people have gradually condemned the violence across the world. Today, the war is mainly against terrorism that is generated, financed and nourished by golf states mainly the Arabic peninsula. They are using their religion to promote an extremism called Wahhabism that justify violence, killing and rape against any person that does not believe in their dogma. These monsters continue to carry violence at “grand echelle” and none of the Arab countries are lifting a finger. These people don’t seem to run out of money despite the limits put forward by western countries.
The world seems to know where the Wahhabism is coming from and that countries of Arabic peninsula teach extremism in their schools; their courses label other people as infidels; their religious leaders are calling for the death of these infidels. The worst of it is that the west has accepted the continuation of this fact.
These countries are exporting their preachers around the world and they bring with them DNA full of hatred. They live among us and quietly radicalize people to kill as many among us as possible.
This is not new to any one. What is somehow new is that some of the “soit-disant” civilized countries are honoring the promotors of the wahhabism. And yes, I’m referring to France that is still a prisoner of its history who recently honored some Saudi prince with a Medal of Honor “La legion d’honneur”. And yes, the same prince who has been promoting the Wahhabism that resulted in the Bataclan massacre, Charles Hebdo killings and Brussels bombing.

France has lived from exploiting its colonies for centuries to pay for among things … free healthcare. In 1885, France along with Great Britain and a few other European countries drew artificial borders in the Middle East and Africa to manufacture countries that have served their interests for centuries and will continue for years to come. During the creation of these borders, people with different values, cultures, customs and ways of life were thrown together with the decisive intent to weaken communities and the pre-existing countries. After these manufactured countries became independent, the French forced managers to govern them. These managers were chosen among populations that sided with the French to punish other ethnic groups that opposed them. The tensions in these manufactured countries have existed since their independence and they will continue to exist until people start living their way of life in their customs, traditions and culture. Today, these people are unrooted from their way of life and with petrodollars promoting Wahhabism and extremism; the former French colonies from Morocco to Syria make the bed of terrorism.
A few years ago, the people of Tunisia started a revolution that became the Arab Spring in non-Arab lands. During these riots, the French defense minister, Michelle Alliot Marie, was preaching in the French congress to send special French forces to oppress in blood the rise of Tunisian people in seek of freedom. The French media condoned their defense minister to commit a crime against humanity and among them was Radio France Internationale.
During the military conquest of North Africa, France put some countries that opposed them under “regime d’exception”. The Kabyle country was one of them and Kabyle people suffered the most in their war against the French. They were victims of deportation, summary execution, and torture without due process.
In the 1950s, the French planned “l’operation jumelles” that targeted the Kabyle country. It was called ”Jumelles” because the Kabyle country was composed of Higher and lower Kabylia. The local population was put in concentration camps and any male over the age of fifteen was executed [1]. The French authorities forced children out of schools, women out of their houses to watch the execution of their fifteen-year-old boys. It is important to note that only Kabyle sons knew the wrath of execution unlike Arab men who were spared and even supported.

The alliance between the Arabs and French dates back centuries. The French were the first to promote pana-arabism in North Africa and started injecting Arab populations within African communities and promoted laws to translate documents into Arabic instead of the language of the local population.
Since the 1960s, the successive governments of France have kept the Francafrique cell that is under the exclusive authority of the president to maintain French political and economic interests [2]. The propaganda for Francafrique is still alive within the French main media and one such well-known media outlet is Radio France International.
The main task of the Francafrique cell was to keep the French interest at any price. The result is a series of coup d’état and assassinations of leaders that stood up to the French. France supported and protected the dictators of these countries who now promote Wahhabism which thrives and gains power. France has tolerated the pro-terrorist voice in their media through Radio France International. RFI media reports distorted news demonizing the fighters of freedom and elevating the dictators who promote terrorism. It is no secret that France has supported, helped and protected the dictators of Algeria to keep power. The black cast of Algiers has always been an element of the French government who protect French interest in Algeria by continued annihilation of the Kabyle population, the only African country who defeated the French. France has never forgiven Kabylia for their defeat in the Algerian war. France continues to assassinate Kabylia via oppressive Algerian policies and distorted, controlled media. The French controlled media have been under the instruction to boycott all Kabyle events in Europe and Africa.

The result of the French diplomacy over the years to support and protect the keepers of Wahhabism and human rights violators across the Middle East and Africa was and is a disaster for the French and the world. France was hit very hard in 2015 and more recently Belgium in March 2016. They were hit by kids from Muslim backgrounds who grew up in France and Belgium ghettos. These kids were known thugs to the authorities before being radicalized by zealots of Wahhabism and financed by honored holders of the French Medal of Honor. These kids are the third or fourth generation Muslims of former French colonies who fled their home land when the African countries became independent like the Harkis in Algeria.

Questions have developed and in the very least need to be asked in light of these recent, tragic events. First, “Are the western leaders naïve?”.
The answer is no for most western leaders.
Certain countries seem resigned to accept Wahhabism radicalizing their children as long as the wahhabit countries keep buying Airbus airplanes and Renault cars. Countries like France are a prisoner of their past, lack political leadership and courage to change their diplomatic course. France is still financing Radio France Internationale to promote hatred and paint crimes against humanity committed by France and its Arab allies like a Monet waterscape.

Saudi Arabia refused to ratify the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and chooses to continue stone age practices of beheadings, mutilations, amputations and other heinous corporal punishment.
Saudi Arabia published books encouraging attacks on Christian crusaders. Their Wahhabism books states “The Muslim whose mind has not been corrupted cannot bear to see the infidels wielding authority”.
Their textbooks proclaim, “the true Muslim must show the infidels rudeness and violence, and wage Jihad in the way of Allah without fear of the Infidels and hypocrites, or terror of their arms and numbers.”
Whether these terrorist groups are called ISIS, Al Quada or other, their guiding principals are a copy of Saudi practices, which includes certain holders of the French Medal of Honor. These terrorist organizations are the ideological offspring of Wahhabism injected by Saudi Arabia into mosques and schools from Morroco to Pakistan, which France has honored and glorified through RFI media.
Saudi Arabia and other Wahhabit countries are the largest source of funds for Islamic terrorist organizations. The Saudi government has been the principal financial backer of Afghanistan’ s odious Taliban movement since at least 1996. It has also channeled funds to Hamas and other groups that have committed terrorist acts in Israel. France calls these countries their allies and gave them a Medals of Honor all the while condemning Israel for protecting itself.

The US secretary of states, Clinton complained of the “ongoing challenge to persuade Saudi officials to treat terrorist funds emanating from Saudi Arabia as a strategic priority”. Vice President, Joe Biden, known for his straight talk said “Our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria. The Turks were great friends… [and] the Saudis, the Emirates, etc. What were they doing?…. They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad — except that the people who were being supplied, they were al-Nusra, and al-Qaeda, and the extremist elements of jihadis who were coming from other parts of the world.”

Saudi Arabia has not stopped its interest in spreading extreme Wahhabism. ISIS…is a product of Saudi ideals, Saudi money and Saudi organizational support, although now they are making a pretense of being anti-ISIS… Really ???

France and its EU close partners (Belgium) are not learning from their life costing mistakes and seem to be resigned to keep mediocrity as their front façade of foreign policy in exchange of economic interests. As proof, in April of 2016, the French prime minister will travel to Algeria to visit it’s regime, the promoter of the Wahhabism, and negotiate the funding of 2017 French presidential election and other under table deals.

I took an example of France’s foreign policy to show that western foreign policies are not helping to defeat terrorism.
Although, there is really a way to stop terrorism, at least the Islamic terrorism:
– Stop its sponsors, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Pakistan and United Arab Emirates.
– Change the regimes in the former French colonies.
– Help people from Africa and the Middle East to build free nations using the image of the Kurds and Kabylia as guides.
– Change European domestic policies toward the emigrant communities.
The long-term solutions begin with the United States forcing its European partners to change their course and address the problem at its roots. European countries including France must release themselves from the prison of their history, leave Africa to the Africans and cut their tight relations with Arab extremists for the benefit of the whole world.
The short term is related to law enforcement; the US and its partners shall consider hiring Arabic speakers from non-arab communities such as Kurds, Berbers, and Copts to emigrate to Europe and America to help build intelligence on dangerous elements in the muslim communities.
The NATO mission shall be revised to get more involved in putting Special Forces on the ground to eliminate the leadership and the medium managers of terrorist organizations including heads of state.
The intelligence must be made available to all law enforcement agencies around the world at the exception of countries led by dictators.
In the long term, it is very important to consider redrawing the current map of the Middle East and Africa. The current map doesn’t reflect the people of the manufactured countries. The world shall empower people in seek of freedom and self-determination to build new nations inline with their customs, traditions and values.
The world shall recognize and support new self-determined countries and guide them into modern constitutions away from the current, antiquated sharia law championed by the house of sauds that the French is honoring and backing today.

The world shall go back to nations of united people rather than imposing on populations to live together with dictators to oppress them.
In conclusion, the west shall support the self-determination of people who seek freedom to live and thrive in their values, justice and prosperity.

[2]- Mon pere De Gaulle –

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    sounds good


  2. Hi Guys,
    Congratulations to the new born Kabylian baby! I can see a big awakening and undertaking of Kabylia’s sons everywhere in the world.


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    imazighens natives of Africa and indigenous peoples of the world people must be happy to have a friend like more Kabyle their side to defend their rights.
    happy !


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